Improv – Level 2

Now that we have established a foundation with our improv, its time to dive deeper and work toward creating an ensemble piece with rich and engaging scenes. We do this while studying a selection of improv formats.

Learning Outcomes
• Understand and identify “Position Play” for more engaging scenes (The 4 scene types)
• Creating strong “Hive Mind” for more great connection on stage
• Ability to perform in grounded, real scenes for dramatic work
• Develop deeper characters that can be used for longer scenes and shows
• Understand and perform a number of improv formats and structures

Topics covered
• Position Play
• Hive Mind
• Drama and intimacy in improv
• Point of View / Emotional Point of View
• Improv formats and structures

Optional Class Showcase on completion of the course.

Course Entry Requirements
Participants must have completed Level 1 training or equivalent training elsewhere. Classes run over 6 evenings unless otherwise specified.

Upcoming Courses

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March 6 Week Evening Course:

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