Executive Coaching offers professionals and executives an opportunity to changes in behaviours to help enable the Coachee reach and exceed goals. Examples of Coaching goals can include career advancement, confidence building, career changes, leadership development and relationship building to name but a few. Neil is a qualified Executive Coach who has worked with individuals and organisations to help bring growth to employees and managers both at individual and organisation level.

Individual Coaching takes place 1to1 and the coaching relationship is completely confidential, allowing for coachees to be open and try out new techniques and work behaviours in a safe and supportive environment. Teaching Coaching is also available.

Neil has coached individuals at all levels in organisations including C Suite.

what our clients think

  • Leslie Maliepaard
    I had the great pleasure of working with Neil when I had to prepare for a talk and on-camera work. Neil is a genuine Improv expert in his field of presentation coaching for executives and corporates. He is down-to-earth, pleasantly disarming, understanding of different personalities and goal driven whilst being respectful of the culture and context of the client. He offers confidential, constructive critique to help develop his clients into great speakers and communicators. I recommend him most highly.
    Leslie Maliepaard
    Venture Partner, Fortrino / Senator for Ireland 
Board Member of the Global Woman Leaders Committee World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF)

Frequently asked questions

1Who is Neil?
About Neil Neil Curran specialises in the areas of Team Building & Collaboration, Effective Team Development, People Management, Public Speaking & Presenting, Executive Presence, Effective Communication & Influencing, Creativity & Innovation, Spontaneity, Confidence Coaching, Leadership, Adaptability & Dealing with Change and Improvisation Skills in Business. Neil has 20 years of management and corporate experience in an international context. He has led teams global teams for 18 years having held a senior leadership position in the Irish subsidiary of a multinational organisation.  Neil is associate faculty for the Irish Management Institute and is also a team member of The Core Story Ltd, providing story and strategy consulting and training to clients across the globe. Neil is a Professional Improviser and stage performer, which brings a unique energy and practical approach to his work. Neil has performed his signature improv show, Neil+1, to audiences around the world.  He is also the Founder and Director of Improv Fest Ireland and Assistant Director of Improv Utopia Ireland. Neil has a Masters in Training & Education with his Masters Dissertation focusing on Improvisation as a Training Method to Develop Effective Teams in the Workplace with a Focus on Promoting Confidence, Interpersonal Skills and Relationship Building. He is also a qualified Executive Coach with EQi Certification and an experienced MC and Speaker. Neil has regularly appeared on national TV and in numerous national newspapers over the years providing thought leadership in his field including; Newstalk, Irish Times, RTÉ and TV3 (now Virgin Media One).
2What is Improvisation (Improv)?
Improv means actively listening and reacting without pre-planning. It encourages us to be adaptable. We do this throughout the day – E.G. Forced to make a decision without all of the facts, being put on the spot, negotiating a deal, the list goes on. By using the core principles of improvisation – collaboration, communication, creativity and fun – we can react more flexibly and spontaneously while at the same time build our confidence. In the current economic environment, individuals are expected to be highly adaptable and rise to many unseen challenges.