Resetting the Team Dynamic

The Dynamic of Teams in the Workplace has Changed Forever

We’ve moved to a hybrid working environment where most of 2020 has been spent working from home. Fault-lines may have developed in teams and workplace relationships as we have tackled the challenge of a Covid world on top of striving for success in our roles. From challenges of social isolation, lack of childcare facilities for months, culture shock of a new working environment, almost everyone has had to adapt to in a very short space of time.

As we move to a world where some of us will continue to work from home, some will return to the office and some will be somewhere in between, it is necessary for us to reset expectations with our teams and ourselves. Research shows that extended periods with lack of face to face interaction impacts our relationship skills. Creating a new climate of trust is necessary and being agile to adapt to future challenges, both in work and home life, is always going to be necessary to ensure effective teamwork and workplace success.

With Neil’s Resetting The Team Dynamic workshops, talks and coaching sessions, available online or in-person, Neil blends traditional techniques and tools with hybrid tools and techniques from the world of ‘Improv’, to offer clients a practical and impactful way for participants to be stronger team players and champions of creating trust and relationships with colleagues.

What is Improvisation (Improv)?
Improv means actively listening and reacting without pre-planning. It encourages us to be adaptable. We do this throughout the day – E.G. Forced to make a decision without all of the facts, being put on the spot, negotiating a deal, the list goes on. By using the core principles of improvisation – collaboration, communication, creativity and fun – we can react more flexibly and spontaneously while at the same time build our confidence. In the current economic environment, individuals are expected to be highly adaptable and rise to many unseen challenges.

How Does Improvisation Help with Teambuilding & Team Dynamics in the Workplace?
Improvisation helps individuals to respect other team member’s creativity and ideas. It allows them to cohesively and constructively work in collaboration as part of a team. Participants quickly realise that collaboration is key to success. It’s new, exciting and really pushes people out of their comfort zone, with the results of engagement and productivity taken to a higher level. Improvisation helps people understand the dynamics of human interaction and fosters self-awareness. Improvisation also gives us the opportunity to get out of our heads and get in the moment.

None of the exercises involve competition. Participants quickly realise that they are all in the same boat regardless of title, position in company or length of service. Not only is that the path of least resistance to collaborate with peers but a new understanding of trust in the workplace emerges.

For more info on why Improv and Team Dynamics work so well, check out this article here.

Why work with Neil?
Neil is a veteran improviser with over 10 years of improv experience and 20 years of corporate management experience in the multinational sector, including senior management level. Neil has taught improv to a number of organisations around the world. His signature show, Neil+1, has been performed to much acclaim around the world. Neil holds a Masters in Training & Education as well as being a qualified Executive Coach.


Resetting the Team Dynamic Options

Workshops & Custom Programmes
Can be customised for team sizes of 4 right up to larger group sizes. Can be delivered virtually or in-person, subject to government Covid-19 guidelines.

Talks & Conferences
A unique interactive talk, which can be tailored for different lengths to give listeners an engaged and insightful experience

Team or 1to1 coaching is a very powerful way to bring the best out of ourselves and teams, set SMART goals and provide an independent guide to overcome challenges and unleash our potential.


About Neil

Neil Curran specialises in the areas of Team Building & Collaboration, Effective Team Development, People Management, Public Speaking & Presenting, Executive Presence, Effective Communication & Influencing, Creativity & Innovation, Spontaneity, Confidence Coaching, Leadership, Adaptability & Dealing with Change and Improvisation Skills in Business.

Neil has 20 years of management and corporate experience in an international context. He has led teams global teams for 18 years having held a senior leadership position in the Irish subsidiary of a multinational organisation.  Neil is associate faculty for the Irish Management Institute and is also a team member of The Core Story Ltd, providing story and strategy consulting and training to clients across the globe.

Neil is a Professional Improviser and stage performer, which brings a unique energy and practical approach to his work. Neil has performed his signature improv show, Neil+1, to audiences around the world.  He is also the Founder and Director of Improv Fest Ireland and Assistant Director of Improv Utopia Ireland.

Neil has a Masters in Training & Education with his Masters Dissertation focusing on Improvisation as a Training Method to Develop Effective Teams in the Workplace with a Focus on Promoting Confidence, Interpersonal Skills and Relationship Building. He is also a qualified Executive Coach with EQi Certification and an experienced MC and Speaker.

Neil has regularly appeared on national TV and in numerous national newspapers over the years providing thought leadership in his field including; Newstalk, Irish Times, RTÉ and TV3 (now Virgin Media One).



“Improv with Neil surpassed my expectations in many ways. The classes delivered were far more enjoyable and fun than I could have imagined. That was in part due to the nature of improv but in much larger part due to Neil’s skills in teaching, understanding, perception and communication. I was imagining a tuition on how to “do” whose line is it anyway type of scenarios but was surprised to be exploring the barriers that we have constructed as adults. And then I was given the encouragement and space to tear these barriers down and relearn vital skills we had as children. Subsequently life is now viewed through a different prism with a clarity that has more colours and depth of perception than ever before.”

– Dr. Sim Lew-Gor, Consultant, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

“Neil has delivered a series of interpersonal skills training sessions using improv as a tool for different groups of staff in the University and the feedback has been excellent. He is incredibly passionate about what he does, instantly creates trust in a group and excels at bringing out the best in people in a safe, thoroughly enjoyable environment. His primary strength is that he approaches each group with a fresh energy and takes people seriously while still enjoying himself.”

– Naoimh O’Connor, Research Careers Manager, UCD

“Improv with Neil proved to be an excellent tool for achieving our goals. Results were fantastic – in our post event survey, this Improv Training earned one of the highest scores of the entire week’s sessions and was without a doubt, one of the best team building sessions we’ve had so far, with excellent feedback across the board (from Senior Director and Manager levels, right through to our newest team members).”

– Jackie Hughes, Head of EMEA Customer Marketing, Google

“Renowned as they are for their imaginative approach to pretty much anything, Googlers are hard to surprise. Yet Neil’s ‘Emotion Machine’ routine did just that. During our latest team event Neil had us jumping, singing, dancing and, most of all, laughing out loud; all while maintaining friendly atmosphere that helped to build real team spirit. Speaking on behalf of my team, I would recommend Neil’s workshop for any group looking for creative and inspiring team building exercise, that can be translated back into workplace. This one definitely stands out”

– Bozena Smialkowska, Online Media Associate Manager, Google

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