Improv for Business Workshop

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Who is this Workshop for?
* Would you like to become a more effective and confident speaker?
* Would you like to be more comfortable presenting?
* Would you like the ability to speak off the cuff with ease?
* Would you like to be able to tackle your inner critic and silence the voice of doubt in your head?
* Would you like to make a stronger impact in the workplace?

Then this Workshop is for you!

What is Improvisation (improv)?
Improv means actively listening and reacting without pre-planning. It encourages us to be adaptable. We do this throughout the day – E.G. Being forced to make a decision without all of the facts, being put on the spot, negotiating a deal, speaking off the cuff, the list goes on. By using the core principles of improvisation – collaboration, communication, creativity and fun – we can react more flexibly and spontaneously while at the same time grow our confidence with our work abilities. In the modern workplace, we are expected to be highly adaptable and rise to many unseen challenges.

Neil will work with you in the following areas to both enhance your skills and grow your confidence in utilising them.

Speaking to Influence
No one is exempt from having to speak or present in the workplace. Be it a presentation with clients, internally with our teams or a meeting with colleagues. We are constantly require to engage with our peers. For many, these often unscripted scenarios cause anxiety. In the masterclass we will utilise tools and techniques that empower us to engage with people more effectively in any setting that requires us communicate, speak and influence.

Presenting with Impact
Having to present to a room of investors, clients or colleagues can be daunting to anyone in an organisation. However we often prepare for our presentations focussing on the areas that require least attention. During the Masterclass, we will explore how to bring a real presence to a presentation, engaging our audience and inspiring others.

Building more Engaging Relationships
How we speak and engage with others determines our effectiveness at being effective, confidence communicators. Do we inspire confidence, show leadership and bring clarity to our interactions? This Masterclass will show us how our mindset, body language and choice of words can can make us more effective communicators and grow our self confidence working with others at any level in an organisation.

About Neil Curran
Neil has 20 years of management and corporate experience in an international context. He has led teams throughout his career having held a senior leadership position in the Irish subsidiary of a multinational organisation.

Neil is also a Professional Improviser and stage performer, which brings a unique energy and practical approach to all of his courses. Neil has performed his signature improv show, Neil+1, to audiences around the world. He is also the Founder and Director of Improv Fest Ireland and Assistant Director of Improv Utopia Ireland.

Neil has a Masters in Training & Education and is also a qualified Executive Coach.

Neil has regularly appeared on national TV and in numerous national newspapers over the years providing thought leadership in his field including; Newstalk, Irish Times, RTÉ and TV3 (now Virgin Media One).


“Improv with Neil proved to be an excellent tool for achieving our goals. Results were fantastic – in our post event survey, this Improv Training earned one of the highest scores of the entire week’s sessions and was without a doubt, one of the best sessions we’ve had so far, with excellent feedback across the board (from Senior Director and Manager levels, right through to our newest team members).”

– Jackie Hughes, Head of EMEA Customer Marketing, Google


“Improv with Neil surpassed my expectations in many ways. The classes delivered were far more enjoyable and fun than I could have imagined. That was in part due to the nature of improv but in much larger part due to Neil’s skills in teaching, understanding, perception and communication. I was imagining a tuition on how to “do” whose line is it anyway type of scenarios but was surprised to be exploring the barriers that we have constructed as adults. And then I was given the encouragement and space to tear these barriers down and relearn vital skills we had as children. Subsequently life is now viewed through a different prism with a clarity that has more colours and depth of perception than ever before.”

– Dr. Sim Lew-Gor, Consultant, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

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