Course: Improv – Level 4

This programme aimed at more experienced and regular performers, we dive into the often underestimated area of format development and troupe management. Using the format “The Phoenix” as a template, this course will challenge experienced improvisers to perform at an optimal level no matter the setting.

Learning Outcomes
• Understand and perform the format “The Phoenix”
• Create meaningful formats with longevity
• Troubleshoot habits in improv, both your own and that of your teammates
• To be able to truly perform organically
• Develop true stage intimacy

Topics covered
• “The Phoenix” format
• Format Creation
• Exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of a troupe
• 1to1 individual feedback focusing on areas for development
• Advanced organic improv

Optional Class Showcase on completion of the course.

Course Entry Requirements
Participants must have completed Level 3 training or equivalent training elsewhere and preferably be performing in a troupe regularly. Classes run over 6 evenings unless otherwise specified.

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