Improv Online with Neil Curran


** As in-person improv courses are recommencing the first week of November, future online courses are on hold **

I’m pleased to launch a series of online workshops over Zoom that offer something unique for improvisers to not only add to their improv skills, but also be more adaptable with working with the online platform.


With Improv having moved from the stage to the screen, it is necessary for improvisers the world over to rethink what that means for performing. While the online platform is more restrictive than the stage, it is not as restrictive as you might think. After all, actors can act on camera so improvisers can perform on screen!


Blending tools and techniques from screen acting with improv, participants will maximise the potential for performing online, expanding the potential and maximising the fun of performing over Zoom or whatever your chosen stage is!


In these workshops, the following content is covered.


Workshop 1 – Adapting for the Screen

  • Rethinking how to perform online
  • Enhancing 2 person scenes
  • The new way to make and take offers
  • Emotion, physicality and spatial awareness within a 12 inch box
  • Finding the fun online!


Workshop 2 – Take it to the Edge

  • Authentic and grounding performance on screen
  • Developing formats to best capture your skills
  • Ensemble work
  • Enhancing support work


Workshop 3 – Polishing the Chrome!

  • Developing your show
  • Bringing polish and professionalism to your performance
  • Scene painting on screen
  • Characters under restraint


Learning Outcomes

  • Embrace and engage with online performing as a new way to demonstrate your improv skills
  • Finding the fun in a box – understating that we can’t replicate the stage on screen and that’s ok
  • Perform strong and grounded characters online
  • Develop formats and shows suitable for the online platform




Neil’s online workshop not only exceeded my expectations but was one of the best workshops I’ve attended. He creates a balance of traditional improv skills while adapting to the changing world of online performances and scene work needed in today’s world.

– Karla OBryant Dingle, Producer at Queen City Comedy / Acting Out Studio


What better way to shake off those isolation blues than with some online improv? Neil Curran’s unique teaching style seamlessly translates from in person to online with lots of new fun and innovative uses of the novel online environment. A wonderful improv trainer both online and off!

– Professor Louise McHugh, University College Dublin


I really enjoyed Neil’s online classes. It was very useful to consider aspects of screen acting combined with improvising using a new platform to develop my improv skills. This combined with Neil’s structured and supportive style of coaching made the classes a joy!

– Aidan Corr


  • Workshops are open to improvisers at all levels however some improv experience is required.
  • Each workshop features a maximum of 8 participants
  • Workshops run for 2 hours
  • Workshops take place over Zoom
  • Participants must log on via a laptop or equivalent standard of tablet/iPad. Participation via mobile phone is not permitted


Next Workshop 1

Option 1:  Saturday 9th May at 5pm (Dublin time)