Course: Improv – Level 3

The Art of Truth & Authentic Improv
The race to find the funny in improv can often leave us exhausted and up in our heads. With grounded improv, we strive to find authenticity between characters and relationships. We learn how to slow things down. As improvisers, we become more honest. Characters become deeper and more meaningful. Relationships become more realistic and true to life. The narrative comes from the connection between the characters rather than created by the actors. All characters and scenes are grounded in reality and there are less space monkeys in the closet!

In this course we learn to let go. We ditch the suggestions from the audience, we ditch conflict, we ditch the “who, what where and when”. Instead we try to discover who our characters are and why they are in this scene.

Learning Outcomes

  • Perform organic scenes and characters through listening and reading our stage partners
  • Build more realistic characters
  • Display and utilise physical space to influence character and scene
Course Entry Requirements Participants must have completed Level 2 training or equivalent training elsewhere. For more info, please email