Course: Improv – Level 1

What is Improvisation (improv)?
Improv means actively listening and reacting without pre-planning. It encourages us to be adaptable. We do this throughout the day – E.G. Forced to make a decision without all of the facts, being put on the spot, negotiating a deal, brainstorming meetings, the list goes on. By using the core principles of improvisation; collaboration, communication, creativity and fun – we can react more flexibly and spontaneously while at the same time build our confidence. In the current economic environment, individuals are expected to be highly adaptable and rise to many unseen challenges.

Learning Outcomes
• Proficiency in the fundamentals of improvisation
• The ability to demonstrate coherent off the cuff communication
• Express authentic unplanned emotion and empathy through dialogue and physicality
• Ability to demonstrate status and confidence both in and out of character
• The ability to define teamwork and demonstrate effective teamwork in a group setting.

Topics covered:
• Fundaments of improv
• Teamwork and team building
• Connecting with emotion
• Status and Influence
• Character development & storytelling
• Narrative structure

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