A Festival of Improvisation

The 4th Improv Fest Ireland has come to an end and I’m in that state of an emotional downer since we closed. This year’s festival was […]


There are often debates in the world of improv as to whether improv is theatre, comedy, improv comedy or whatever other labels we can come up […]

Campfire Tales…

Camaraderie, community and nature. That’s Improv Utopia’s motto and as hippie as it may sound, it really does capture the spirit of the Improv Utopia experience. […]

Welcome to the (Improv) Family

As we approach the festive season, we are constantly reminded of how much Christmas is a time for family and friends. It’s the one time of […]

Improv On The Road

We often wonder at the marvel of the human brain. The mystery of how it works, its ability to contain lots of information and run so […]

Improv Barter, And A Hat

Brussels is an unusual city. Its population swells on weekdays and you can be very often hard pressed to find a Belgian roaming the streets. Being […]