The International Improv Parody Awards

10th April 2020 @ 9pm GMT


We’re very excited to announce the first Tightrope International Improv Awards taking place on Friday 10th April at 9pm GMT!  Make way for a parody award night filled with the glamour of winners, losers, speeches, banter, controversy and more!


**  Click here for the form to nominate yourself and apply to take part!  **


What’s it all about?

Think of any real world award ceremony; the Oscars, Golden Globes. The nominees are announced, the winner’s name read out and the audience applauses.  However no one moves from the audience.  A fleeting moment of confusion ensues before one of the hosts announces that the winner couldn’t make it to accept their award but sending a message on a screen.  Inspired by these moments, this award ceremony is all about the people who can’t make it on the night!

In the true spirit of improv, this is not a real awards event.  It is however an improvised awards night.  Improvisers from all around the world are invited to nominate themselves for one of the categories listed below.  Winners will be chosen at random and then invited to give their acceptance speech improvised and relish in a character delivering that speech.

There will also be “behind the scenes” moments where you will be invited to perform backstage scenes such as ‘improvisers at the bar during the interval’, dressing room gossip and more!

This aims to be a fun way to bring an international array of improvisers together for a bit of fun and banter.


Award Categories


  • Stock Character Award

– Uses the same characters so much its now referred to by name; “Oh there’s another Mary character”


  • Punster Award

– Improviser who never fails at putting in a pun in almost every scene. (Please stop)


  • Most Melodramatic Improviser

– Always brings the soap opera drama to every scene


  • The Audience Award

– Improviser who always brings the audience in to a scene in some way whether they like it or not


  • The Jimmy Fallon Award

– improviser who can never contain their laughter in a scene


  • Tabloid Award

– Improviser who always brings the pop culture gossip to almost every scene


  • Always Late Award

– Yep, you’re always late and you know it


  • The Nicolas Cage Award

– Yes we get it, you are on sooo many teams


  • The Living Room Award

– You’ve got a heart, you are the first person to give up your home for rehearsals


  • Daredevil Award

– Improviser who is always throwing their body around the stage for the good (or not) of the scene


  • Harold Award

– Person who, no matter what team they are on, will still want to do the Harold


  • Guessing Game Superstar

– The improviser who can guess what their teammate is miming with a blindfold on!


  • The Beastie Boys Award

– The one who can rap and does it ALL THE TIME


  • Animal Character Work Award

– The improviser who is rarely seen in a humanoid character form and for some reason plays a very convincing horse


  • Tumbleweed Award

– If a scene is happening in the Old West halfway across the world, this improviser will magically appear as a tumbleweed rolling across the stage


  • Most Podcast Guest Award

– It’s a podcast about improv? They are a guest. It’s a podcast about Sketch? They are a guest. It’s a podcast about pre-war Belgian architecture? They are a guest.


  • High Status Award

– Always the STEAK, never the BURGER


  • The GAME Award

– This improviser did a UCB weekly intensive and it shows!


  • Confident Singer Award

– Not a classically trained singer? No Problem! This improviser steps up to the plate and will gladly belt out a great song with no musical skill


  • The Spatula Award

– This improviser makes the best scenes out of tired suggestion.


Sounds fun!  How does it work?

The event will be streamed live via Facebook Live on 10th April.  Anyone who wishes to take part can join via the Zoom link.  The link below will take you to the form to nominate yourself for an award. You also nominate yourself and be yourself, or be a character.  You can also nominate yourself for more than 1 category and of course, you can completely make up the reason for your nomination.  Completely up to you!

There will be scene and game opportunities on the night, more on that closer time.

To add to the fun on the night we are encouraging you to get dressed up!  From black tie to semi formal to smart casual, whatever works for you.  Treat it like a night out!

Participants will be sent the link to Zoom in advance.  You will need to download Zoom to participate (its free to download and register).

The nomination and participation form will be open until 11:59pm GMT on Sunday 5th April.

**  Click here for the form to nominate yourself and apply to take part!  **