Speaking Off Script For Professionals Masterclass


"I never could make a good impromptu speech without several hours to prepare it." - Mark Twain


Being Confident Speaking Off Script Or Off The Cuff Can Be One Of Our Most Powerful Communication Skills At Work

How do you feel when you have to speak off script in meetings, presentations, with clients, or even with casual small talk with people you don't know?

It varies for everyone, but for some of us it can feel like a daunting task, particularly at work, and we worry that we are not going to be at our best.


During this Masterclass, we will use innovative and practical techniques to develop our confidence from the inside out. We will work on the skill in an authentic manner, empowering participants to not just build their confidence but also enjoy the experience too.


No Video Cameras Will Be Used!

You won't be recorded on video in this Masterclass! In face, gone are the days where we use video cameras, as this tends to focus on our perceived weaknesses. Instead the focus is on developing our strengths. Strength based training techniques empowers individuals to really own their own unique style and bring both confidence and professionalism to their engagements.


You You Want To Feel Comfortable Speaking Off Script?

Blending proven techniques from both business, theatre and improv, participants are provided with not just the right tools and techniques but also a greater sense of confidence in their abilities. For example, drawing on techniques of Improvisation, participants exercise skills that give confidence speaking off script which gives participants a greater self awareness of their abilities speaking on script. In business there is no script!

Programmes can be custom designed for organisations or provided in a 1to1 coaching session.  Each programme is tailored for the group and individuals taking part recognising that we all learn in different ways and there are no off the shelf fixes.


Workshop Topics

  • Being Authentic when speaking off the cuff
  • Creating engaging dialogue with others
  • Building confidence when speaking while under pressure
  • Handling "curve balls"


Upcoming Public Masterclass

The next Masterclass takes place on Wednesday 31st May 2023. It runs from 9:30am to 1pm in the Teachers' Club on 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1.

Masterclass Price:  €195


Optional 1to1 Coaching Sessions

1to1 Coaching is also available for individuals who want extra guidance, from C-Suite level, to those preparing a pitch, to those preparing to present for the first time.  This offers an intensive yet hugely productive setting to really enhance and refine your presenting skills. Get in touch to find out more.


Why work with Neil Curran?

Neil Curran is a Communication and Teams Expert, and a Professional Improviser.

Neil has 20 years of management and corporate experience in an international context. He has led teams global teams for 18 years having held a senior leadership position in the Irish subsidiary of a multinational organisation.  Neil has been speaker at conferences in Ireland and abroad, as well as performed on stages around the world.

Neil is a Professional Improviser and stage performer, which brings a unique energy and practical approach to his work. Neil has performed his signature improv show, Neil+1, to audiences around the world.  He is also the Founder and Director of Improv Fest Ireland and Assistant Director of Improv Utopia Ireland.

Neil has a Masters in Training & Education with his Masters Dissertation focusing on Improvisation as a Training Method to Develop Effective Teams in the Workplace. He is also a qualified Executive Coach with EQi Certification and an experienced MC and Speaker.

Neil has regularly appeared on national TV and in numerous national newspapers over the years providing thought leadership in his field including; Newstalk, Irish Times, RTÉ and TV3 (now Virgin Media One).

For more information please contact Neil on +353 86 6018344 or via email neil[at]lowerthetone.com

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