I’m excited to announce two upcoming Irish dates for “Neil+1“.

* July 5th – South Bank Playhouse, Belfast
* July 7th @ 5pm – Smock Alley Black Box Theatre, Dublin. Part of the 10 Days In Dublin Festival

What is “Neil+1“?
“Neil+1” is an improvised comedy show featuring me and a random stranger from the audience! All unscripted, unplanned, over the duration of the show the audience member is made a star of the show and anything can happen. “Neil+1” is the only show of its kind in to be seen in Europe and feedback from audiences and reviewers have been full of praise.

“Funny, engaging, and mind-blowingly skilful. Neil Curran creates a wonderful improvised story and brings an audience member along for the ride. One of the highlights of this years’ [2013] festival”
– Dave Bourn, ImproFestUK / Sprout Ideas

“A member of the audience was invited up on stage to take part in an improvised story. This sounds like a high-risk concept and perhaps it could go wrong on the night, but Neil and his guest were superb. As well as enjoying this section of the show in its own right, I’m also delighted to see a theatre company successfully give a member of the audience the chance to really interact instead of merely being acted upon. I’m a fan of immersive theatre but at times its scripting can create an unpleasant sense of powerlessness. Improv – at least in this format – takes the final step and gives an equality to the audience member. And the uncertainty of it all, the possibility of failure, adds to the drama.”
– Dave Madden,

The show on 7th July is part of the popular “10 Days In Dublin” festival. It is a multidisciplinary, open-format, arts festival. Tickets are on sale via the website or by calling 01 554 3635.
Their website can be found here.

Neil+1 Comedy Improv In July!
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