So today was our first rehearsal for Whose Life Is It Anyways? It has been an exciting yet challenging few weeks for me as I had some strong auditions to mull over and casting decisions to make. It’s fair to say that assistant director Brendan, along with Vonnie and Christine who sat in on all the auditions shared the challenge as we had lengthy discussions about casting.

But decisions were made and the cast was confirmed!

Ken Harrison – Kevin O’Flynn
Dr. Emerson – Brian Quinn
Dr. Scott – Sophie Van Het Erve
Sister Anderson – Saskia Carroll
Nurse Sadler – Ellen Hallinan
John – Shane Robinson
Gillian Boyle – Pearl O’Rourke
Andrew Eden – Harry Walsh
Dr. Travers – Cathal O’Donovan
Dr. Barr – Albin Lahore
Phillip Hill – Alan Rogers
Ms. Kershaw – Sinead Dunphy
Justice Millhouse – Ken Ryan

The ensemble brings a mix of hardened No Drama veterans and more recent members who will be making their No Drama debut but the talent amongst all is strong.

Today’s rehearsal consisted of some warm up exercises and a full read through of the script. One of the warm up exercises is taken from my briefcase of improv games, which tests people’s memory, concentration and teamwork skills! There was much giggling and laughing as the cast struggled with the game, however as the rehearsal process goes on, I’m sure they will be dab hands come show time!

The read through went well and it was great to start to see things moving along. I’m looking forward now to getting the blocking done. (or to use a less technical term, directing!)

One faux pas of mine today, I brought my camera to the rehearsal with the purpose of taking cast shots. But I forgot to take pics. I hope my cast will better at remembering lines than I am at remembering to take photos!

And Rehearsals Begin!
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