Despite the extremely busy time for me and No Drama in the drama world, I haven’t forgotten about the approaching milestone this summer as the end of the third year of No Drama Theatre approaches.

Three years, feck me.

It seems like a not so distant memory when the post went up on boards.ie and a rendezvous in a pub to discuss all things drama commenced.

But this isn’t a post to dwell on the past, but to look to the future.

I’ve pretty much taken a step back from taking a major role with our latest major production, Irvine Welsh’s “Ecstasy” as I felt I needed some breathing space and more importantly, development space for the future of No Drama. Its given me time to develop my personal teaching skills, (I’m currently studying for Speech and Drama teaching diploma) and my improvisation skills.

But watching the ball that is Ecstasy roll into place is quite a proud thing to witness. I am witnessing a production take shape where I don’t need to be constantly sticking my finger in the pie to see how warm it is. The competency of No Drama speaks for itself and its nice to genuinely feel like the birds have flown from the nest, unaided.

That might sound a tad arrogant or indeed disrespectful, but if anything its complimentary. My passion for No Drama has never waned since its inception and as you may gather I’m a control freak. So while I obviously can’t and don’t do everything in the group, I’m always watching, listening, reading to make sure Im on top of everything. A bit like the nervous flyer who looks out the window at the wing throughout the flight to make sure it doesn’t fall off. (Because if you take your eye of the wing for just one minute, it will fall off!!) However being that control freak and taking that step back for others to take the lead on a project, is a compliment to my colleagues, peers and friends within the group. Their effort and committment is no less than mine and its a marvel to witness the comradory and teamwork in the group.

Evolution so to speak.

Of course if you don’t evolve you become extinct. The committee has grown and we have more volunteers helping out in whatever way they can. Our most recent committee recruit, Vonnie Durran, has been a long time No Drama member who felt like a natural addition to the committee team.

So while this term is far from over; its still a month to curtain on Ecstasy, a Shindig in June and a show at the Body And Soul Festival in the same month, there is still plenty to be thinking of before I even consider what next year will bring.

We’re re-examining our improv show and workshops, with a view to introducing a new type of improv show rarely seen in Ireland. We’re running structured courses and also considering having summer courses. We have a show at Electric Picnic in September, it just never ends really!

Actually, maybe I will take that holiday first!

Evolution Of The Drama Beast

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