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When I came across Red Letter Media on YouTube I was hooked. Any he’s definitely deserved of a full blog post. So who the hell are Red Letter Media?

A few months ago, much of the geekier side of the movie world, made reference to a 70 minute review of Star Wars The Phantom Menace (TPM) that was an indepth review. Now given my feelings on TPM, thats is awful and the fact this chap was posting a 70 minute review many years after the movie’s release, much to my shame I skipped his review.

Until recently. I so it mentioned on a site yet again and though, “not this thing again”. However I had some time to kill so I have a look. What started as a brief look ended up being a 3 hour marathon of watching as much Red Letter Media movie reviews that I could! The chap has a wildly entertaining, geeky yet completely sensical (is that a word???) view of how movies and story telling work. However the key word here is entertaining. His reviews are WILDLY entertaining.

Granted Mike from Red Letter Media doesn’t have many reviews uploaded and the reviews centre on the Star Wars and Star Trek world predominantly but once you watch his reviews you’ll be dying to see whats next. Even Mike himself is feeling the pressure, which we get a taste of with some of the other comical video’s he has uploaded.

To visit Red Letter Media’s website, click here!

Red Letter Media – Movie Reviews With A Difference!

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