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Quite some time ago, I came across a chap called Antony Lane on twitter with the username @indywoodFILMS. Antony had set out to independently raise funds to make a feature film, “Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead”, which is a spin on the zombie movie genre. You might be saying, “Nothing new there” and would be forgiven for thinking that but when you dig deeper you realise that Antony, or should I say, AD Lane, is doing it a bit different than everyone else.

For a start, he’s really pushing the project as hard as he can. He’s not talking about it, he’s doing it. Through the power of Twitter and other social media sites, AD Lane, has managed to raise UK£16,340 (as of today) from 446 sponsors. And by sponsors, I mean regular people. That’s quite an achievement.

The concept is simple. On visiting the website, you are given the option to take our a producer package. Their are producer packages that range from UK£10 to UK£500, each offering a number of unique perks such as signed DVD, posters, t-shirts and a chance to be a zombie on set for a day.

After following AD Lane’s progress for some time, I took out a producer package. I saw how much he wants this to work and how committed he is to it. But don’t just take my word on it, Jonathan Ross has also taken out a producer package and as you can see from the website, the project carries a number of celebrity endorsements.

So why am I only blogging about this now? Well the teaser trailer has just gone live on the web, giving a brief snapshot of what we can expect!

The teaser was shot on S16mm film on location at a small farm in Kent and stars horror veteran Leslie Simpson (Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Doomsday), Efisia Fele and Frank Jakeman. I’m looking forward to seeing how this project progresses!

Like what you see or even just a little bit curious as to what its all about?
For more information on how you can help the production of ‘INVASION OF THE NOT QUITE DEAD’ please visit: or

For real time updates you can add them on Twitter: @indywoodFILMS

The official facebook page:

Contact writer/producer/director Antony Lane:

“Invasion Of The Not Quite Dead” – The Indywood Project

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