So I’m just recovering from our sellout run of Wanted – One Body! that we staged in the excellent Teacher’s Club on Parnell Square in Dublin. It was an awesome run. Four nights, no empty seats and an a great response from the audience!


So how did it feel to direct my first full play. It was hard work. Don’t get me wrong, its not as if none of the other people involved didnt have their work cut out for them, but I doubt they sweated as much as both myself and my co-director, Noel Murphy, did during all four performances. But it was worth it. It was sad to wrap up on the last day, a set that took 3 days to build came down in 3 hours. The friendships that were struck up, the bond between actors and crew and the banter during rehearsals and backstage, it will all be missed.

I just wanted to put my thanks to people in writing and mention everyone! Please bare with me! This thanks list is in no particular order.

Co Director
Noel Murphy

Patrick O’Callaghan
Shane Robinson
Caelinn Largey
Tracey Diamond
Sarah Moloney
Laura McGovern
Tom Murphy
Alan Rogers
Dave McGowan

Brian “Silvio” Quinn
Rose Geoghegan
Sheila Dooley
Darragh Beirne
Cat O’Sullivan
Maria “Ladyhammer” Dillon
Louise Hall
Barry O’Donovan
Lisa McSharry
Louise Hall
Paul Bonner
Dearbhla Lawler
Damien Holmes
Jonathan Hughes
Kate Feeney
Vonnie Duran
Rachel Byrne
Ruairi De Burca
Angela Carlin
Grainne O’Sullivan

Everyone else:
Teacher’s Club – Tadhg, Dave and Stephen
Dav and Darragh from boards.ie
The Live Drive Team on Dublin City FM
James Power of Stagemad Theatre
Margaret Curran
Jason Gill of Athlone Little Theatre
Gavin Byrne
Members of No Drama Theatre who have supported us all along!

A big thanks also to those who came along to see us!

No Drama Theatre Sell Out Run of “Wanted – One Body!”
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