So the summer break is over a few weeks now and the committee deliberated over what the next production for No Drama would be. To cut a long story short, we had planned on annoucing our next production on August 18th. However due to the lack of a suitable script, the scramble to find an established play suitable for us, we only annouced the play last week. We have chosen Raymond Dyer’s Wanted – One Body!. We are in the process of securing the rights to perform it later this year.

The play itself is described by the author as being a farcical chiller. I would more call it a murder mystery/comedy/farce/chiller. The play goes from downright hilarious to downright creepy with many a twist throughout. It sends up many of the murder mysteries that were common at that time (the play was first performed in 1961).

The cast if made up of 9 characters and within No Drama, many people have expressed interest in auditioning.

As for directing, myself and one of No Drama’s respected members, Noel Murphy, will be leading the production. We are looking forward to bringing the magic of this play to the stage.

Once rights are secured we are hoping to perform this play in late November or early December.

The photo above was taken at a workshop in Little Theatre where a selection of No Drama Theatre were tutored by the good folk of Athlone Little Theatre.

No Drama Theatre Prepares for the Next Production!

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  • 10/November/2009 at 1:35 am

    Aw.. I lived next door to this theatre (and across the road too) back in college… aw.

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