The Boyos!
So last week a gang of about 15 bikers took to the roads from Dublin and headed to Cork. What an overnight trip! The weather was good, the buzz was awesome and the anticipation for Cork poured beer was high! I drive a Honda Deauville myself which is a 650cc tourer. Its a big bike but was actually the smallest bike for the day, with most other riders on BMW’s or tuned road bikes.

We left Dublin via the N7 at 9:30. Unofficially marshalled by those good folks at Bike 2 Bike Training, we plotted a route over the back roads that took us from Dublin to Blessington via the Sally Gap, on over to Kilkenny city for lunch, then towards Tipperary, Clare, over the V to Waterford before finally arriving in Cork.

We didnt arrive in Cork in 6:30pm which goes to show how much of a challenge the route was. Many roads were windy, gravelly, badly marked but that didnt deter from the fun and the sights. We took a somewhat leisurely pace and safety was as always paramount. Taking the back roads reminds you of how beautiful the country really is and we dont often get to see it when bombing down the motorway in rush hour traffic!

The arrival to Cork was celebrated with lots of beer, a trip to the local pubs and then more beer to wash it the first lot down.

Myself and one of the other bikers, John Fair, tweeted the day’s exploits on Twitter with the tag #wobblybiker

Needless to say the trip home the next day in the rain was not as pleasant…

#wobblybiker Motorbike Spin to Cork!
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