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It has been an amazing Year One for the group. We set out with ambitious goals for the year and exceeded them. Between the success of the plays and also of our improv night, we have set the foundations to grow further.

But a summer break is upon us. What to do during the break?

Some of the group have set up a summer writing group to work on writing plays for our next production. Its open season in that regard really.
Others are going to hire a boat and go sailing together. Is it illegal to sail a boat under the influence of alcohol?

For me though, I have some ideas. I’m hoping to put on some more Improv nights and who knows, maybe tour Ireland or Europe with it? OK may it is just an excuse for a few beers but who’s complaining….?

The group is still open for business though. The forum will still run on and the group members will be active. I’m sure a picnic or two will be had, weather permitting.

What now for No Drama?
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One thought on “What now for No Drama?

  • 01/July/2009 at 2:50 pm

    Just came across the No Drama theatre, I have no previous experience relating to amateur theatre but would love to get involved. I would appreciate it if you could email me back and fill me in a little on what goes on with the group.

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