So a short while ago No Drama Theatre put on our first major production for a 3 night run. We sold out. Granted with a combined cast and crew of about 30 people, friends and family account for most but it still left many seats to be filled by those who have heard of us through and the minimal advertising we did.

What a rush.

It went well. There was a great buzz in the venue, La Catedral during the week. With many people having never performed before, nerves were common but spirits were high. Between the directors, Barry O’Donovan and Brian Quinn, and the dedicated crew of volunteers, they put together a set and show that surpassed all our expectations.

That’s not to say there weren’t imperfections during the week, but it was nothing that couldn’t be handled or learnt from.

We had 2 pieces on. Our main piece, Night At The Invasion and supporting piece (which was 3 short plays), Tales From The Fairground

Some photos from the performance can be found here.

Can you spot yours truly in there?

No Drama Theatre Presents….

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