Red and Andy

Last week, before its run in the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, I had the privilege of attending a performance of Lane Productions latest, “The Shawshank Redemption”. Yes that one. Directed by Peter Sheridan and written by Owen O’Neill and Dave Johns, the run of performances at the Gaiety was the world stage premiere of the Stephen King book.

I went along with an heir of hesitance. Lane Productions in recent years have put on productions that dont appeal to me. I, Keano etc. Im not saying they are poor, Im saying they are just arent my thing.

However my opinion changed after last week’s performance. It was excellent. Many of the actors were hardened established actors, particularly the leads, Kevin Anderson and Reg E. Cathey. (Pictured above)

The set was well thought through and the scene changes handled gracefully. It really was a strong piece of work.

If I was to find a flaw, I would struggle, but I have one, albeit a minor one. The famous scene/image from the movie, of Andy emerging from the sewer and throwing his arms out ala the crucifix does not make it in.

Save me Jesus!

I always felt that the image of Andy emerging Christ like, resurrected and crucified, brought full circle the sub theme of him being a Christ like character. The scene of him winning 12 beers for his jail friends being a crucial scene. Like I said, my flaw, is a minor one. (and for the nitpickers, the scene with Bogs (Joe Hanley) with his armed outstretched under the spotlight did not make up for it!)

All in all, an excellent piece and I look forward to similar productions from Lane.

Lane Productions Present “The Shawshank Redemption”

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