Yeah I’m back…again. I’m supposed to be somewhere else though this morning but it was cancelled in a way. So no better opportunity to update the world’s most pointless yet wildly entertaining blog. No not that one, this one!

So Watchmen has come and gone. It was talked about alot. Reviewers were divided on it. Some gave 1 star, some gave 5. And I realise I’m talking about it way after the dust has settled. But I think that puts me in a better position to talk about it. Because I have absorbed it, embraced it, watched it twice, delved into my inner feelin…. no you are right, I was just too lazy to post until now!

I did watch it twice though. My first viewing was somewhat distracted and I don’t think I sat down to watch it as a movie but as a recreation of a book. The second viewing killed me off though. The film is poor. I’d say shite but I have to give Kudos for Synder for the effort he put in. Yet despite his big biceps and extreme gym workout, he is still a nerd. And blue penises look funny on a big screen. Especially if there are skangers in the cinema with you. (Skangers is an Irish slang phrase for chavs or townies etc)

Despite the overtly boring and dire performances by Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre) and Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl II) there were some pieces I did enjoy. I felt that Dr. Manhattan’s back story was handed well and the “voice of God” as it is often touted worked for me. You could feel the subtle sadness in his dulcet tones. His backstory did feel sad but nerdy at the same time.

The ending was changed as expected and it made so sense really. Granted a giant squid on screen would look as ridiculous as an non moving blue penis in the wind, the new ending failed to capture the essence of Ozymandias and the purpose of the novel from the start.

So was it worth sitting through the 2 hours 45 minutes? Well unfortunately it was if you are a fan of the comic book but alas I think Alan Moore was right about this one.

And on a final note, the soundtrack didnt work for me. It didn’t feel 80’s enough and Nixon looked like he belonged on Spitting Image.

Anyway you have probably seen it by now and if not. Who cares!

Special thanks to the cool people over at who sent me tickets for the preview screening!

Watchwhat? Oh yeah, I’m back….again. Watchmental!
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