You may recall when I blogged about the drama group I’m involved with, No Drama Theatre here. Well things have been moving forward positively for the group with a record number of people at a recent workshop. 31 people turned up which is fantastic for this group.

Our first production, “Night At The Invasion” (NATI) has been cast and the rehearsals have kicked off. We also announced that we would be running a companion piece, “Tales From The Fairground” (TFTF) too. Auditions for TFTF will be held later this month. (So get your arse there if you are interested!)

I have been cast in NATI as a character named Col. Richard Hazleby. Its been a while since Ive had to learn my lines. In fact, years. But wow, when I do manage to remember some lines during a rehearsal, it is a rush performing with my co-stars. We are all psyched to be putting this on and its a joy to see people, some who have never performed at all, giving it their all even at this early stage.

I shall be bringing you interviews with our esteemed directors, Barry O’Donovan and Brian Quinn in the coming week or two. (I mean it this time!)

No Drama Theatre – Rehearsals have Begun…

One thought on “No Drama Theatre – Rehearsals have Begun…

  • 27/March/2009 at 4:25 pm

    are auditions still ongoing?

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