Its being rather quiet around here lately. “Hmmm” says you, “no shite mister”. My neglect can be attributed to a number of things, the main one being lack of diffidence. I dont know what lack of diffidence really means, but when I was in school it was something a teacher said to my parents to describe my inability to work harder.

Anyway, its 2009 and Im all growed up. So to demonstrate my maturity, Im going to share my favourite of the “Christian Bale goes doo-lally on a film set” parodies I have found on the net. Those of you with your head in the sand who don’t know the background; Bale on the set of Terminator Salvation had a mickey fit with the Director of Photography during an intense emotional scene (making love to terminators? Its McG for God sake!) and the DoP was more interested in adjusting his lights. Or something. Anyway, enjoy!

Anybody Out There? (Christian Bale?)

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