Crossing Swords
I will never feel guilty saying it. I like Ryanair. I enjoy flying with them to most locations. I know that if I fly Ryanair I will get there on time or earlier and in one piece. The only thing I don’t like about is the mad rush for a seat/queue for boarding which reminds me of getting a bus in Dublin during the 80’s. (only they don’t smoke on the Ryanair flights!) Despite what Ryanair tell us, priority boarding doesn’t get us onboard any stress free than waiting.

Anyway, I have something nice to say so I figure what the heck, lets blog about it. I feel its only fair. I had to fly Aer Lingus twice in the past 2 weeks and both experiences were pleasant and efficient. I know, its fairly shocking and almost oxymoronical to say that.

For a start both flights were on time at both ends. (So I can’t refer to Aer Lingus as Aer Lategus for the purpose of this post). The cabin crew were very friendly and much to my surprise, fluent in English. Best part of all was I had a fry on both flights, even though one of the flights was an afternoon flight. And after eating continental breakfasts with poxy tea for some time, an airline fry with Lyon’s Tea was like a gift from Heaven.

I don’t really have anything anecdotal to add or witty to say. I still like Ryanair and I still consider Michael O’Leary to be one of the greatest Irishmen since, well take your pick. But I can’t knock Aer Lingus this time. As a result, I wont be so hesitant to select them for future flights. It was nice to have my seat already selected.

Sorry Michael

Um, that was a nice flight actually… Aer Lingus

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