So we in a fastly accelerating American made car called the Recession. There is no escaping from it now. Japan, the UK, we’re all screwed until somebody speculates that there is no longer a recession. Sure tis great gas

People are losing their jobs faster than Steve Martin became unfunny but don’t panic there are are still some things in life that are free, such as recycling. Or so I thought.

I’m relatively environmentally aware. I say relatively because if I was to do everything I’m expected to do, then I’d have to carry around a checklist of what I should and shouldn’t do. And I’m not keeping a worm farm just because John Gormley says so.

So get to the point, what am I talking about. A post December trip to the local landfill with some waste and some recycling met me with some surprising results. It seems that Local Authorities are now charging the public to recycle. The one time free service that the government rolled out at local landfill to encourage less waste is no longer free. But wait, that’s not the money shot yet!

When the employee told me this, he had a look in the car at what I had and said, “sure just throw your recyclables in with the waste, it’ll be cheaper for you”

And for shame, I did.

Judge me as you wish, we are in a recession but at least I spent my money locally rather than being “unpatriotic” and bring my waste up North…

“Just throw it in with your waste, it’s cheaper”
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