So here it is, I couldn’t come up with anything better so I’m just going to call it CLinks. Don’t ask why and yeah it sucks. I would have called it “Click here for Boobies”, but it might give off the wrong impression.

Anyway, this week I have the serious and not so serious. It seems that us Southerners make a trip “Up Da Nerth” (Northern Ireland) for our shopping for Christmas is big news, almost. The New York Times has an article on it here, but more interesting is the article which is from a Canadian news station here. Its the 12 hour journey “up da nerth” which had me laughing. Must be a slow news day.

Pat Phelan of raffling expense Nokia phone here!

Dirty talking xylophone can be found on here. [Audio – NSFW]

Coldplay magically came up with the same song as Joe Satriani – pointlessly entertaining.

This Week’s CLinks!
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