Back in the 50’s, a little gem of a science fiction movie was released called, “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.  While highly dated now, it still is watchable and entertaining.  50 odd years have passed and Hollywood has given it another stab.

It’s shite.  Why oh why God?  Keanu Reeves is really turning into Steven Seagal with his one tone voice, 2 style facial expressions and the “dopey looking head on him”.  (Technical term)

The movie makes no sense at all.  It tries to give us a message but unlike the original, I’m still confused as to what the message is.  Treat the earth nice?  Stop fighting with each other?

If the aliens are so bloody advanced, how come they didn’t just visit the UN direct rather than dropping off for a scenic view of Central Park first?  Did they expect hu-mons do be lacking in hostility.

I could go on but I will.  Will Smith’s son had a part.  He probably had the best dialogue to work with.  His on screen mother, Jennifer Connolly isn’t black.  But a clever script doctoring and hey presto we can explain it.  That’s about the only clever thing about the script.

Ok so its not all bad.  Jennifer Connolly is pretty and the movie is less than 2 hours long.  You want something more positive than that?  Um ok.  Gort does look cool.  Although he does feck all really.

Is it worth a look?  Nah, give your money to beggars on roundabouts instead.

The Day The Earth Stood Still – not for this shaggin’ movie it didn’t!

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