You may have noticed that ad in the top right corner of the page for the Photography yearbook which is on sale on (Click the link for a preview)

You can see from the original thread here that part of the cost of the book will be donated to the annual charity, Santa Strike Force. With SSF, basically users, mods and admins collect as much dosh as they can by organising charity events, and the proceeds are used to buy presents for less fortunate kids in hospital over Christmas. More details on the SSF can be found here.

My book arrived during the week and I have to say some of the photos are fantastic. As I understand it all photo contributors are amateur photographers. Well done to all concerned!

The Photography Yearbook 2008.

One thought on “The Photography Yearbook 2008.

  • 29/November/2008 at 2:06 pm

    Had a look at it last week or so, looks brilliant! I’ve found myself spending more time over at the Photography section of boards these days, some really great stuff there

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