Um ok, so it looks like I was on holiday the past week or so. But Im back. Although I wasnt on holiday. I was busy in a non bloggie way. Um indeed, anyway back on topic….

So some of you have probably seen the new Star Trek trailer. (see trailer below)

Wow says the trekkies out there. Or are you called Trekkers now? After the nut bar? Hmmm. Yes it does look interesting. I was never a big Trek fan. My brother was into it growing up. He bought Technical Manuals, pretend communicator badges and phaser rifles. Yet he never built a warp engine or even a door that went “schwooosh”. Now he fixes photocopiers. Spooky.

I will admit to enjoying some of Star Trek The Next Generation, and it is credited to one man.

Patrick Stewart. His performance brought an heir of credibility to it. A token mention to John DeLancie who played “Q” from time to time.

Then we had Deep Space 9, which only gained credibility when Sisko (not the rapper) became a captain, shaved his head and grew a goatee. It really took on its own when the Dominion war kicked off, which kicks the pants of the modern Battlestar Galactica nonsense people rave about it. (please, human cylons?)

Star Trek movies on the other hand suffered with “every second one is shite” syndrome until recently when they all went to the dogs. Then along came J.J. Abrams again. He took the reins and decided to inject new life into the series. When he first announce he would focus on the original crew, Kirk, Spock etc, we began to wonder if he had gone mad until it became clear he was going to do a prequel to the original series. Plot details and still very tight we have seen crew photos of who is playing who.
Star Trek Teaser Poster

Something still didn’t sit right me over this whole rethink of the series. I can accept younger actors taking on roles that in many ways are bigger than them. So on watching the trailer again last night it dawned on me. It all makes no sense.

Not in a men in jumpsuits fighting aliens in space kind of way, but in a they all look like teenagers yet they captain and command starships.

Look Im not getting geeky. Films don’t have to be based in reality. But in order for them to be believable, they must maintain faithful to the physics of the reality of which they create.

Therefore having a crew that look no older than 21 commanding a starship just doesnt sit right with me.

I guess I will reserve judgement until the movie comes out. Chris Pine as Kirk, hmmmm, we’ll see…

New Star Trek movie: “Star Trek Kids”?
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One thought on “New Star Trek movie: “Star Trek Kids”?

  • 18/December/2008 at 3:07 pm

    You did not just diss the Awesomeness that is battlestar galactica? for shame…

    In fairness I had similar thoughts about it until I actually watched an episode or two, now I am hooked. dying for the new season

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