So last night I joined the other brave souls and was brought for a paranormal adventure in Blarney Castle after dark with the guys from P.I.G.S. After packing my Long Johns, Pringles, Twix and naggin of whiskey, at 8:30pm things got under way. It was a cold night, but fortunately it was a dry one.

In total there was a group of about 30 people, so we were split up into 3 groups, myself, I joined the high spirited (no pun intended!) crew! Eight of us in total. The group were a great crowd and were able to have a giggle along the way.

After the introduction and safety spiel from the PIGS, we went on our way. Our first stop was the castle’s cave and dungeon. Not for anyone with a fear of tight spaces or for overweight American tourists… Despite the grim sounding nature of our first stop, it was actually quite pleasant and warm. Even when the lights went out. A brief EVP session was held. EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomenon, is essentially letting your recording device record and you ask questions of the ghosties in the hope that something is picked up on the tape.

Its when we moved into the next location that things got a bit more interesting, well for me anyway! We held another EVP session but it wasn’t until we were in the “family room” in the castle that things got interesting. The room had an eerie feel to it as it was open top and overlooked from the ledge where the Blarney Stone is seated.

I moved into the centre of the room to take a photo of some of the group at back wall. As I posed to take the photo, I felt something brush against my right shoulder, as if gently pulling down on my shoulder. Very creepy, yet not unthreatening. However it took me a few moments to announce it to the group, mainly due to the embarrassment of saying someone touched me but there was no one there!

We all had a feeling of being watched from the upper level however when we moved up there, despite one guy trying to kiss the Blarney Stone, nothing spooky happened and my camera battery died. I cant credit this to the spirit world, sometimes we’re just to thick to check before we leave!

Our final location to go to was the creepiest of all. The grounds. Before we entered the grounds, we held a brief EVP session. Our group medium and PIGS guide had the feeling of being watched from one of the tunnel. I was the opposite, I really felt like a woman was watching us from the other end! However I didn’t mention this to the group until one of the group mentioned feeling the exact at breakfast today!

Although nothing specific happened in the grounds, we all had the feeling of being watched. Although walking around Dolmens, “Witches Kitchens” and “Druid’s Circles” would make anyone uneasy!

The night drew to a close about 3am and despite our tired and cold faces, everyone seemed to enjoy the night. The guys from PIGS are a decent bunch. They add a nice touch of not taking it all too serious while maintaining their professional at all times.

What could have been a very nerdy event, was a very enjoyable one. More photos to follow in the coming days!

A big thanks to the PIGS team (Mark, Niall, Gavin, Graham and Colum) for making the event possible and bringing me along! You can visit their official site at

Blarney Castle Paranormal Investigation!
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