Broken Toys
I never thought I would see the day when I would be writing about the Toy Show and not getting paid for it. But this year, I just had to.

My oh my, what a mess. Dont get me wrong, the toys were great as usual and the kiddies were all entertaining. Especially the 2 rapper kids. The kids were great. There was some dodgy acts, guitars out of tune. But you got to love the eyes wide openness of the kids. The stars of the show, and they didn’t get paid!

But for feck sake RTE, did you pass out too much mulled wine before the show to the crew? Wobbly camera work, missing WII remotes, no chair for former royalty, toys with flat batteries and kids with their back to the camera.

Where do I start? I missed Gaybo’s fatherlike figure banter. I used to enjoy his annual spiel prior to the segment on books. Not even the surprisingly pleasant Duchess of York saved the segment.

Was the show entertaining? Of course! I must have posted 100 tweets on Twitter about it during the broadcast as did many other Irish Twitters.

I had stocked up on munchies, cheap finger food, wine and hot whiskey and RTE did not disappoint, albeit for the wrong reasons.

And that sketch with Chris Rock and Ben Stiller, WTF? Hmmm. Money passed hands perhaps.

So we need someone to blame. I could only find one man ultimately responsible.

Clarke Kent.
Clarke Kent

Oh and no, Barbara wasn’t there. No doubt she was reading Wuthering Heights from the comfort of her lovely Morrison Hotel room.

2008’s Late Late Toy Show
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