No this has nothing to do with my previous post about Zombie Strippers! Tomorrow I will joining P.I.G.S. on a Halloween excursion to Blarney castle as we go ghost hunting, or hope to anyway.

The PIGS were the people behind the recently successfulParacon event in Clontarf castle.

So basically a gang of about 30 of us will have the privilege of having Blarney Castle in Cork to ourselves for 6 hours tomorrow night. Despite all the techno talk about gadgets and gizmos the investigators, mediums and psychics are bringing, the only advise the gave me was to bring a torch and chocolate. Presumably the torch is used to help me eat the chocolate should the lights go out?

I don’t know what to expect. My fear level is currently at 2. The 2 representing my fear that I will get lost driving down.

I will post back up some photos and commentary on Sunday! Some more photos below. Click to enlarge.

Paranormal Investigation tomorrow – “Scare the knickers Off You Night!”

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