Its all gone to pot. Seriously. I only found out about this during the week but forgot to post about it. My childhood has been brutually assaulted by Val Kilmer and some pretty boy by the name of Justin Bruening.

Warning, this clip is not a wind up or for the faint hearted…

OK, I’ve calmed down with my rant. Yes, earlier this year, February to be exact, NBC aired the pilot of the new Knight Rider series. Only it is minus the Hoff and minus William Daniels. No sign of Edward Mulhare either but we can live with that.. for now!

So Knight Rider has been brought into the 21st century, K.I.T.T. is now labelled the Knight 3000. The pilot to be fair, did feature The Hoff as a guest role reprising Michael Knight. Bruening takes the reins from Michael as his estranged son. Tough break.

Unfortunately the pilot did not fair well with the critics. Nobody appeared to like the muscle car new look of KITT. However the pilot did have over 10 million viewers tune in. The full season is due to kick off in their ’08/’09 season but the future isn’t bright.

Ironically I dont think I could ever take to a new KITT without the camp tones of Daniels and by now you have guessed that Val Kilmer voices the car for the new series.

Did I mention that KITT is also a transformer? Not sure how it works but thinking about a really slick, cool looking car transforming into a van doesn’t fit right with me. Afterall, I’ve never been envious of my mate who drives a Hiace for work purposes. Even if he painted it black, stuck a red LED light on the front and told me it talked to him in a computerised Jenna Jameson voice, I still wouldn’t be jealous. And I drive a Renault….

I guess us Europeans will have to “wait and see” on this one. It hasn’t officially hit our shores yet, and may not. Time will tell.

Anyway, here’s the teaser trailer to tickle your taste buds.

Now lets petition NBC to introduce KARR and Michael Long…

Knight 3000? Val Kilmer? No Hoff?
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