“Neil +1” Improv

“Neil +1” Improv

Neil +1 is a unique improvised theatre show starring Neil Curran and a random audience member. Completely unplanned and improvised, an audience member is invited up on stage and becomes a leading performer in the show! There are no tricks,

Corporate Training & Coaching

Corporate Training & Coaching

Neil facilitates dynamic workshops and training programs for organisations and teams that are designed to develop the strong, adaptive skills sets required for the ever evolving demands of the modern workplace. In the ever challenging business landscape, organisations need to

Improv Fest Ireland

Improv Fest Ireland

Improv Fest Ireland runs annually every November in Dublin! 2013 marked the first ever annual Improv Fest Ireland, a festival of improvisation, unscripted theatre and comedy! The festival aims to highlight the diversity of Improv as a Performing Art and

Have you ever found yourself stuck for words?

Ever been expected to make a decision on the spot? Want to do this in a fun and supportive environment? Then my improv course is for you!

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Improv Courses In Dublin

Improv Courses in Dublin

Learn how to Improvise! “I’ve had such a brilliant time taking part in Neil’s course and I’d highly recommend it” – Síle Seoige (TV Presenter) There are two upcoming Improv Level 1 courses running from August 2019. Please see booking

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Corporate Training Testimonials

“Renowned as they are for their imaginative approach to pretty much anything, Googlers are hard to surprise. Yet Neil’s ‘Emotion Machine’ routine did just that. During our latest team event Neil had us jumping, singing, dancing and, most of all, laughing out loud; all while maintaining friendly atmosphere that helped to build real team spirit. Speaking on behalf of my team, I would recommend Neil’s workshop for any group looking for creative and inspiring team building exercise, that can be translated back into workplace. This one definitely stands out”

Google Ireland Bozena Smialkowska, Online Media Associate Manager

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